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I have a lover

Postby Najin В» 13.03.2020

Her personality is pure and enthusiastic, like his wife Hae Kang had in the past. Hae Kang then has olver accident and loses her memory. Other Photo from Official Site. Watch Online in Viki. Hope their chemistry is still as good after all these years!!!! Min thx for jolting my memory that they were a have in Miss Kim.

If you are able to do that, please contact the channel manager. And why does this drama that have 50 episodes cant be release of 5 episode per week????? Looking forward to the comedy romance part of the drama series. How could that trunk not see her car?? And how did she lovwr that car accident??? Her car flipped over several times? Because she has a tracer under her car?? Writer lover do not let Do Hae Kang lover forgive him.

Please let her start her life all over again with someone else who is liked a human. I just watched the episode 7 sub, and my favourite actress KHJ was like always perfect, awesome, just look to her face in this scene when she is on the bridge, and wants to commit suicide love then she saw her husband and her young rival to get close, how her face becomes sad and miserable! I am going to see this drama and admire KHJ! Halo guys. I love them both. I have see it up to episode 6, and that KSLee is really unrespectful girl with old people and with a married men OMG—How will she feel if this is done to her in let say 10 years?

Will she be ok! An the wife with her been so profecional, come on you hace to move on, you are still pretty and Young…. I hope this do not affect the gir KSL l in real life. The episodes are so many for a simple plot. With a poor rating I think the writer and yave must rethink cutting it short.

I am not sure if her character is annoying or how she have the character. Very painful to watch I had to fast forward scenes. I hate KS for going after a married sunbae and willing to strip on the first night she invited him for soju, and acting so innocent and cutesy. I hope he and the girl rot in their hell. Producers need to let KS have poetic justice soon if not viewers likely to be even more disgusted.

Lover I wonder if by losing her memory he will fall in love with her again or with the young lawyer. I love this drama!!!! After all — 50 episodes! Better have a lot of substance for the main female and male leads. Let him live a life full of regrets for degrading her in front of his whole family. So far I really enjoyed the latest episode most and it was so sad when DHK signed the divorce paper.

She not interested in him should teach him a painful lesson for forcing habe to divorce him. I love KSL being poor will be consumed by the greed and the wealthy life yave and shows CJU what a passive aggressive and vicious person she really is! I just wish the female lead and the uave ends up recommend 12 monkeys watch online movie will and let the husband and mistress along habe their bitch family die in a accident!

Now writer enough of showing the poor wife have and her bastard husband enjoying with selfish foxy bitch mistress its just painful for us viewers to watch this on scree plzz move on story with wife losing her memory and lawyer taking care of her plz plz.

Predictable have hard to like. The actors are superb even the woman playing the tramp. I am sure I wont last for 50 episodes. How stupid can a lovver person be when your life or safety is at stake?!

I hope the script writer and producer can come out with better scenes and scenarios to make this an entertaining and interesting drama. One that questions our morals, values and lover we should see more as an honourable, decent thinking Asian society.

God, we still have 40 more episodes to go! Hope this is not going to be another one of that draggy, painful and down-right time-wasting KBS drama episodes that ended last loer Worst drama I ever watched s stopped at episode The ending of Ep10 looks interesting. Have surprised! Wow … that would be great!

All this will come to be very obvious to that idiot, CJU. Hahaha locer My version works, I hope!!!! I hope CJU has to fight very hard for her attention. Since he was the one who wanted so badly to end their marriage, I hope to see him very, very badly wanting her back in his life!

Hope they have many funny moments together vs. Looking forward to laughter and tears in the upcoming episodes. Mostly tears for that young, selfish, i have a lover, smart-ass, husband-stealing bitch — KSL!!

I definitely disagree especially lver KSL being pure!! DHK even went on her knees this web page front of that spiteful, little bitch! You deserve what you get! Everyday looking forward the next episode. Kim Hyun Joo is my favor actress. Every drama she acts, I will watch because I lover the drama is good.

At first I was confused, now I understand the story. Nowadays, there was also not lober Korean drama which I like. I am great my favor actress is acting on the drama and I enjoy watching. Hope she leads a new and happy life without CJU and his screwed-up family. Fighting, DHK!!! Not to have to mocking. No description for each character? Maybe this is a jinx.

But, true disaster in Sat-Sun timeslot. Just half. I lovsr this one too…. I am ahve curios to find out what happen to her twin sister…. I lkver want have the entire family to paid for all the bad things done to those girls…. It is so sad to look at her poor mother, she do not talk…. Yeah i oover this drama lover and the actors and the lead actress. I hope the truth will come-out regarding who sent the new short etc.

I really like this drama and the cast, especially the lead female and male actors. Story line starts to develop and I really look fwd to it. I hope our screenwriter, YM Bae, is giving my version hxve thoughts!!! I will be most honoured …. CJU will be made to suffer at the hands of the twin sisters with much wit and humour. However, I hope to see the two main lead actors back together again!

Hahaha …. I hope screenwriter, YM Bae, is really paying attention to my version and thoughts. Very funnnnny … Not a bad version! Maybe the drama can draw more viewers with two loveg smart sisters who take their revenge in their lover clever ways and punish all those bad people!

Must have a lot of laughter too! She is trying to play haave the roles to widen her knowledge of acting. Kudo Han Byul. Quite stifling and can be irritating! Great going guys!!!! Wow… Its starting! Bitch no chance to win him alrdy, coz his love for lover wife was too strong to begin with, after 4 yrs all the hatred cooled down and now start to bring all the good memories hsve.

Will be an intense battle of four sides love, cju start to like his ex wife again until ahve made him tears down.

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Goltimi В» 13.03.2020

Source just hope that screwed up couple gets beaten to the ground flat!!! JE needs to take a break and figure out what he wants out of a relationship. Min is a goner where that little girl lover concern. He made a woman who has no clue as to whom she really is into his own dream lover. Writer please do not let Do Hae Kang ever forgive him. I honestly think the have gave up midway through this drama. Pay back time quick!!!

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Vole В» 13.03.2020

I rest my case! Nice Lawyer had met with his childhood sweetheart, the real DYG! Great drama! I just reached to episode Korean Drama. Sarang …….

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Brara В» 13.03.2020

No matter who. This is a MUST watch drama if you like dramas. Edit Translation. Jazzyyou must have been spending a lot of time on this drama! How he is unable to forget or let go of DHK even in such a dire situation — she being dead! Two is too much.

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Vill В» 13.03.2020

After all — 50 episodes! We can go on and on for the next episodes of him regretting! And, we all live by the consequences of the decision we make. She can run his home with much laughter and songs, and lovet and is a devoted, nice wife and takes care of the rest of the brood of a large family like a well-oiled machine. You are go here impressive! Most suitable and deserving of his nice character have eldest son of a typical traditional, Korean family! Lover daughter just died, HK was hurting inside, but she was a strong woman and she hid her lofer and that made her cold.

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Narisar В» 13.03.2020

Well executed! Think again you continue reading DHK even went on her knees in front of that spiteful, little bitch! One of most quality lpver. It just boils down to a woman who will do anything and take any type of treatment and sell out her own dead father to be with her cheating ex-husband who lived with another woman for 4 years.

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Gugis В» 13.03.2020

Personality-Deficient together! The sneaky bitch already knew then he has the divorce paper on him! Viewers are keen on following the weekly episodes.

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Tagrel В» 13.03.2020

If so clever and high class then why see dramas? I rest my case!!!! So disappointing. Http://emloccapul.gq/movie/create-icon.php leads especially! Oh wow!

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Re: i have a lover

Postby Moogukus В» 13.03.2020

Until this timing still have find the raw everywhere, been late half hr than normal. See more never fails to make me sad, cry, mad and smile. I will watch it all the way…. You all seem to think that CJU jumping in the water to save his lover wife is such a great and loving feat and sign of his love for DHK.

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