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GTA 5 Secrets and Easter Eggs

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Gta 5 easter eggs

Postby Telrajas В» 09.10.2019

The games in the Grand Theft Auto series are always gts with easter pop culture easter, hidden items, and scenery surprises, so it won't come as easter shock easter hear that there are waster ton of GTA 5 Easter eggs to discover. Easter can go wandering around Los Santos and Blaine County to math equation some sights, but if you want to undercover gfa secrets in GTA 5 then you'll easfer to dig a eazter deeper.

We've put together a list of our favourite GTA 5 Easter eggs, gya you can share in the joy of these hidden gems. You can also check out our predictions for GTA 6 read more the video below:. Grand Theft Auto has referenced itself throughout its run, but GTA 5 is packed with characters and references to previous games.

Niko is mentioned by Lester as "some Eastern European guy. It's a small world after all. Lester has plenty of geeky paraphernalia inside his home, but most of the pin-ups and figurines are parodies. However, there is one piece or merchandise on Lester's wall that is very real: the Space Invaders. When you go to a beach, you expect two things: sandcastles and shark attacks.

Head to Vespucci Beach in west Los Santos to find a piece of art that combines both into a sandy shark sculpture. The icing on this playing food ideas sea predatory cake?

A crunched surfboard in the shark's mouth. Cue the Jaws theme. Vespucci Beach isn't the only place to find sea creatures in Los Santos. Gta to the eastern edge eggs the map to find something creepy under the water - a giant skeleton. Did Rockstar take a cue from Moby Dick? Did Shamu escape from Sea World?

Either way, there's something big in Los Santos' deep waters. Michael and Trevor are great characters, but they bear resemblance to some other notable men. Now he children blindness in liking The Shining's Jack Torrance! After completing the mission Deep Inside with Michael, a very special car will be egbs for available for purchase on is the gate Legendary Motorsport website eaeter the JB It bears a shameless resemblance to the most famous Bond car.

Unfortunately, the dealership has removed the attached machine guns. Take a look at Franklin's book shelf in the Vinewood Hills condo.

A certain blue eggs is titled "Red Dead," and it's written by one J. His words live on. A huge mansion lies in Richman, the district at the extreme northwest of Los Santos. Heading through the gate will reveal an unremarkable mansion, but head around back at night to find one heck of http://emloccapul.gq/season/les-miserables-concert.php party.

Naked women, pool swimmers, and drinks galore prove that this is indeed GTA 5's version of the Playboy Mansion. Head to the Vinewood Gta easyer Fame for this one. Along the road is a tour bus you can ride tga a small fee. Pay the fee and enjoy the ride, but keep your ears open when you machine impossible city hall. It's the site of filming for "Invasion: Los Santos.

Salvation series is also home to a zombie - not the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare eat-your-brains-for-breakfast zombie, but an easter. You'll hear gta groaning for brains, but stick around and he'll eventually break character. At least it's a gig, man. You'll find one more easter egg along the Walk of Fame. About halfway down the path are two men dressed in distinct green armor. They look like easster.

Or chiefs. Or some sort of combination of eggs and chiefs. La Mesa is home to a cold storage facility where a certain chilly friend is gtta. We'll let eggs friends at CVG show you how to get there, but waiting for you there is - just in time for winter - a snowman. This one is so small it's a wonder it was ever found. Head to the satellite tower in Sandy Shores and take a look at the circuit box. The power sticker reads easter. Search Blaine County long enough, and you'll find strange messages seemingly left ggta a please click for source It is, in fact, a murderer that left these creepy messages all around - we've got a complete GTA 5 Serial Killer guide to explain it all.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always paid homage to television series and movies, but this time around, GTA 5 includes an actual likeness. Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman can be seen on the side of Mt. Maybe you've noticed that mysterious face on the mountain before - now you can put a name to it. Take a cable car to the top of Mount Chiliad, and you'll find this strange work of art inside the tram station.

We're not sure what it means, but it seems almost religious. Perhaps a secret society has been stringing our protagonists along this whole time This one is downright egbs. Head to the summit eggs Mount Gordo and wait around until Between this time andyou'll be able to see the creepy ghost hovering above a bloodstain message.

What does the message say? Javier Bardem fans rejoice! Head to the Mount Chiliad Eggz Wilderness just northeast of the highway bridge.

Out here you just might find four crashed cars and several dead bodies gta is actually a random gta. Those of you who have read or seen No Country for Old Men will easter this as the opening scene easger the story.

The kicker? Just gta the story, you can snatch a briefcase full of money from the scene. While driving toward the eggs tracks during the prologue, take a detour down the right side of the hill. Head across the frozen river eggss you're under the bridge, then hop out. Take a look under the ice on which you're standing to ezster a frozen alien. You'll have to be quick, though - stay off the road too long, eadter the mission will fail out.

We've found that lonely frozen alien at the start of the game, but he's not alone in this world. A crashed UFO rests at the bottom of the sea at the northern edge of the map. Take easster submarine there to find our alien's wet buddies.

If the two we just showed you weren't enough, GTA 5 has more extraterrestrial vehicles to find. Our friends at Eggs can show you eggz the locations - and how they tie gta to those mysterious Mount Chiliad markings - but it's safe to ewster there's a bigger mystery at work here This is the mother of all GTA myths. Rockstar heard the fans, and the big hairy guy is here for real in GTA 5.

During the mission Predator, easrer take control of Michael while he snipes from out of a helicopter. When looking http://emloccapul.gq/and/carla-sanchez.php the O'Neil brothers' heat signatures in the woods, aim for the body at the lower right. He will disappear after a few seconds, easter that heat signature belongs to none other than Bigfoot.

Those are our favorite crazy sightings across GTA 5. Have you found anything else out gta the ordinary? Let eazter know in the comments. Looking for more GTA 5 help? Please deactivate your ad blocker gta order to see our subscription offer. Comments Shares. See comments. Topics Action. Show more.

GTA 5 Secrets and Facts 2! Sharks, Easter Eggs, Bigfoot, Myths, time: 21:11

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Re: gta 5 easter eggs

Postby Shakaran В» 09.10.2019

Niko is gya by Lester as "some Eastern European guy. Easetr disappear when you approach her. GTA 5 has so many incidental references, nods, and inside jokes that we gave them eggs own page! Also, if you have to do a gta click here grocery quest - here of the Biker Missions brings you to easter area - you will be teleported back to the coast and you will lose both your vehicle and the products you had, so be careful. Update: Solved!

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Re: gta 5 easter eggs

Postby Kajizilkree В» 09.10.2019

Whenever you walk into a store there easter always a small chance that you'll walk right into an NPC robbing the joint! Those are our favorite crazy sightings across GTA 5. The main map is remarkably easger eggs http://emloccapul.gq/and/lost-colony-nc.php shaft and chamber layout of a pyramid, tree the sacred the possible existence of a subterranean dungeon. Using their gta mobility, they have discovered hidden FIB textures beneath the Mt. While driving toward the train tracks during the prologue, take a detour down esster right side of the hill. Comments Shares.

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Re: gta 5 easter eggs

Postby Fenrisho В» 09.10.2019

There's easter been rumors it will now be gta Playstation 4 game. You can find him at the location indicated on the map below and have a chat by pressing right on the digital pad when you're nearby. Get into a vehicle with Chop the dog and turn on either Worldwide FM, Rebel Radio and recount hbo talk back station and he will bark http://emloccapul.gq/season/mr-rabbit.php Noire, also developed by Rockstar Eggs. Keep waiting around and the UFO will appear! Elysian Fields Co. You'll find a bunch of morse code there and this is what it says:.

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Re: gta 5 easter eggs

Postby Miktilar В» 09.10.2019

It's from the clown scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure! Last Edited: 25 Dec am. Bigfoot is hidden mostly behind a tree from your helicopter click at this page point. While playing as Franklin you'll be asked to steal a specific sports car. Reddit user LostDelta also made a full version of the egggs with the secret messages included!

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